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"DON'T WAIT, ACT NOW!"- Repiping, the traditional remedy for these problems is expensive, time-consuming and highly disruptive to business.

  • USSEWER INC. offers many solutions to rehabilitate the water pipes throughout your building while enabling you to continue daily operations and best of all we can minimizing disruption to guests and facilities or better yet, call us now and USSEWER INC. can make it as if we were was never there.                       - Your "guests" will not be bothered and neither will your "Wallet". If we can get to the problems before they happen, we can save you both "time" & "money", learn more

Hotel operators and owners across North America use USSEWER INC. to restore and repair their buildings’ water delivery systems and have found that selecting their pipelining and repair services from us, time and time again, was not only the smartest decision they made but also the easiest and most important one, for the maintenance and future success of their buildings.


These are just a few of the most common problems that increase your property’s maintenance costs and over all expenses due to timely sewage or water system repairs that interfere with daily operations, and can spur guest complaints.

"Avoid These Issues & More!" - CALL USSEWER INC. NOW! @ 800.504.6108 or email info@ussewer.com and get immediate response from one of our Pipe-Lining specialist.